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標高 2,365 m [7,759 ft]
プロミネンス 765 m [2,510 ft]
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総称 List of volcanoes in Ethiopia
座標 {{#invoke:Coordinates|coordinsert|東経38度46分16秒北緯7.787度 東経38.771度7.787; 38.771|type:mountain|}} 
所在地 Ethiopia
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岩石の年代 テンプレート:Enum
山の種類 Stratovolcano
岩石の種類 テンプレート:Enum
最新の噴火 ~ 50 BC
Project.svg プロジェクト 山

Aluto (also known as Alutu) (2,365メートル (7,759 ft)) is a dormant stratovolcano in Ethiopia, located in the Ethiopian Rift Valley in southern Oromia region between Lake Langano and Lake Ziway. It is the site of the Aluto–Langano Geothermal Power Station.


It features numerous vents along E-W and NNW-SSE trending fissures which converge at the coordinates of the volcano center, which is the center of a hypothesized caldera surrounded by rims, visible especially in the south and west. The largest vent is 1 km × 0.5 km in size just SE of the volcano center and along the SE rim of the volcano. The volcano covers a surface area of appr. 25 km2. The silicic volcano center has an eruption history of more than 150,000 years, the last eruption was around 2,000 years ago.

Strong fumarolic activity continues throughout today. The volcano is permanently inflating and deflating with the strongest movements at the center of the hypothesized caldera, indicating some activity around 5 km below the volcano.[1]

Close to the center of the hypothetical caldera is the site of the high-temperature Aluto–Langano geothermal field with temperatures between 300-400 °C at depths below 1,200 meters. This geothermal field covers an area of about 8 km2.[2]

The field is also the site of the Aluto–Langano Geothermal Power Station, a pilot power plant to explore geothermal energy in Ethiopia.

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